About Us

Welcome To Ferrous Metallurgy Research Institute, FeMRI

We are provider of technical training, consulting and research projects in all aspects of ironmaking and steelmaking with the most respected scientists from around the world.

We have collaboration with leading Research laboratories to provide space for top class experimental investigations.

Have you ever thought about having the top experts from all over the world at your hand to help your steel company to provide efficient solutions for your technical needs?

Our world has become small and today, it is possible to be in touch simultaneously with a number of leading experts from all over the world at anytime.

In our world there are scientist and technologists who have distinguished themselves because have expanded the frontiers of science and technology in the field of ferrous metallurgy. This group of scientists can help your steel company to be more competitive. Your technical problems can become ours and we solve them for you.

We don ́t provide machinery, that is something you can find in the market. We provide knowledge, with this you cannot only improve current metallurgical practices but to anticipate the problems.

  • Our Team

    Each member in our group has a lifetime experience enhancing the frontiers of knowledge.

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  • Training

    Get hands on training from our experts in the field of ironmaking and steelmaking

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