Fundamental and Applied Research

Our daily work is research. Some members of our team have carried out both fundamental and applied research for more than 30 years. During this time, they have contributed with original knowledge that has expanded the frontiers of our knowledge on ironmaking and steelmaking. Together we have published several thousands of technical papers, more than 20 books and a large amount of patents. This is the result of original research work.

Our group of researchers has also developed new technologies because we have developed not only fundamental research but also applied research that brings practical benefits to the iron and steel industry. The experimental facilities of our researchers are top class laboratories with capability to do research work in all fields of ironmaking and steelmaking, for example: melting furnaces working under atmospheric conditions or vacuum, from small size to pilot scale; equipment to measure physicochemical properties of liquid metals, slags and other materials, equipment to measure chemical composition of all types of materials, ASPEX, microscopes (SEM, TEM, etc), etc. We have the knowledge to develop new equipment if it is needed in our research. In addition to this, we have physical modeling facilities and all commercial software to perform mathematical modeling involving, thermodynamics, kinetics, fluid flow, etc. Some of this codes have been developed by our own researchers.

Research work can be done just to improve a metallurgical practice to decrease energy consumption, to decrease impurities, to decrease consumption of raw materials, etc., but also to design a whole new system on a larger scale.

You will not find anywhere else the potential, knowledge and experience that is in our group of researchers. FeMRI collects in one place the best minds on ferrous metallurgy.

We make sure that we have the experience and knowledge to support your company in any of you research needs with immediate results.